Madrid Walking Tour 1, Starting at Callao Plaza

Madrid Walking Tour 1, Starting at Callao Plaza

This Walking Tour is a 3,26 Kms (2 mi 45 yd), that will take you from a starting point, at Callao Plaza.  On this Walking Tour, you will be able to see:

At a steady pace this tour will take around 30 minutes, but there is so much to see that it will be better to reserve a 2 or 3 hours to see it on a relaxed way.

Join me to see the pictures and comments of Madrid, on this Walking Tour:

Madrid Walking Tour 1

Paseo Caminando Por Madrid 1 

Starting this Walking Tour in Callao Plaza, we will go towards Puerta del Sol, walking through Preciados Street, which is one of the busiest pedestrian streets in the world, with lots of shops and department stores.

After 300 yard walk from Callao, we reach Puerta del Sol, where the Casa de Correos (old Post Office) building which houses the headquarter of the Government Offices of the Community of Madrid. On the sidewalk, in front of this building, you can find the sign of what is called as the Kilometer Zero of the Spanish Road Network. Other monuments on this square of Puerta del Sol, are the equestrian statue of Carlos III, and the symbol of Madrid, the Bear and the Strawberry Tree.

From Sol, we walk towards Calle Mayor, which will take us, in less than 200 meters, to Plaza Mayor. This Plaza, was in the outskirts of the medieval village back in the sixteenth century, and was known in those days as the Plaza del Arrabal, and main market of the Villa.

Going through one of the porticos of Plaza Mayor, a few meters to the west, we head for the Mercado San Miguel. This iron and glass building, dating from 1916, has been closed for years, and was reopened to the public, as a market for high quality products, where you can also try and taste the products, in a great environment.

From San Miguel Market, we walk down Calle Mayor, toward the Plaza de la Villa, and the Almudena Cathedral.

Next to the Cathedral, is the Royal Palace, and Plaza de Oriente.

In this walk of just over 3 kilometers, you can see these magnificent historic sites. For more information and pictures, read below and visit the other recommend Walking Tours in this blog.

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