The Oldest Tavern in Madrid

The Oldest Tavern in Madrid

The great bullfighting tradition in Madrid, sends us back to remember as if it were the 1830s, which was when the picador, “Colita” (short tail), founded the Taberna de Antonio Sanchez.

In 1884, the father of bullfighter Antonio Sanchez, bought the tavern and therefore maintains this name until today.

Original Bar at Antonio Sánchez Tavern
Original Wooden Bar at Antonio Sánchez Tavern

In 1929, after suffering more than twenty horn wounds, Antonio Sanchez retires, and at this time he became friends with the famous Spanish painter, Ignacio Zuloaga, who made this his local tavern, and where he also held several art exhibitions.

Meson Antonio Sanchez

Taberna Antonio Sanchez

This tavern is very “castiza” and “taurina”, meaning very Castilian and related to bullfighting.

This tavern has remained with the same decoration, and without reforms all this time, and therefore can be considered the oldest and quite unique tavern in Madrid. It maintains antiques and curiosities of all kinds, as well as the original carved wooden bar, mirrors and lamps.

Visit this tavern is a trip back in time to Madrid’s emblematic time of Enlightenment.

Antonio Sanchez Tavern, Dinning Room
Antonio Sanchez Tavern, Dinning Room

Dining Room of Taberna Antonio Sanchez

In the Taberna Antonio Sanchez we can find the secrets of the Spanish “homemade” traditional cuisine. The most emblematic specialties are oxtail stew Madrilian style, Olla Gitana, Callos a la Madrilena, snails, French toast, and other dishes of traditional cuisine.


Fachada en Calle del Mesón de Paredes
Facade Meson de Paredes Street
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