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La Diosa Cibeles también llamada Metragirta.

The Legend of Prince Bianor, And The Name of Madrid

It seems that in the Spanish Golden Age, many writers and scholars worked on a legend to explain the origin of the name of Madrid. This legend begins with the survivors of the Battle of Troy, and being Prince Bianor one of them, who tried to return to Greece, without success. Eventually he settled and […]

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Arbol del Amor, también llamado Ciclamor, Algarrobo Loco o Árbol de Judas.

Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, Tree of Love

Tree of Love Cercis siliquastrum This crooked trunk tree, share family with the legumes, like chickpeas, beans, peas, etc.. Its fruits are a bean sheath, in which the seeds grow, but unlike many other vegetables, they are not edible. Flowering of these trees, begin with the early days of heat. Its flowers, have a butterfly […]

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Palacio de La Cibeles, antes llamado Palacio de las Comunicaciones o Palacio de Correos

Tour Starts At Cibeles

For this walking tour, we will start at Cibeles and walk towards the east, to Puerta de Alcala, which is the main entrance to El Retiro Park. From this point, looking to the west, will be the next photo of Cibeles Plaza: We will start walking to the east, and 200 yards away we can […]

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La Gran Vía de Madrid, vista hacia Plaza España.

La Gran Via – Plaza España

As a starting point for this walking tour, we can begin from Callao, where you can see this view of the Gran Via, towards the North, on the route to Plaza España, 200 meters from this point. In this part of Gran Via, we have what is now called “Madrid Broadway”, where most of the […]

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Puesto Mercado Tradicional - Los Mostenses Madrid

Traditional Market

Walking down from Callao, to Plaza España, a few meters to the right of Gran Via, you may find a traditional market called Los Mostenses. In your walking tour, you could give it a quick look, or continue on to Plaza España.

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Frutería en el Mercado Los Mostenses, Madrid

Traditional Market Next To Gran Via

Just a few meters off Gran Via, there is this traditional food market. Visiting these markets, is a good way to see the life style of local people doing a very common everyday activity. It’s interesting to see how the products sold on this market, have changed with time. Ten years ago, there was mostly […]

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Arco de Cuchilleros - Plaza Mayor de Madrid

Cuchilleros Arch – Plaza Mayor

The Arco de Cuchilleros, that could be translated as the Cutlers Arch, is the most famous of the nine arched porticos of the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. It is located in the southwest corner of the square, with its considerable height due to the large gap in the ground level between the Plaza Mayor, and […]

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