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2014 Christmas in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid

From the November 29, Plaza Mayor becomes the main Christmas market in Madrid. The 104 booths, offering all the traditional products for Christmas decoration for the Xmas tree, accessories for parties, such as wigs, masks, Santa Claus hats and of course can not miss the joke articles for 28th of December. This year 2014, a […]

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Estatua de Felipe III en la Plaza Mayor

Sparrows Cemetery In The Plaza Mayor

This magnificent statue of King Philip III, located in Plaza Mayor of Madrid, was completed in Florence in 1616 by Giambologna and Pietro Taca. It had been placed at several sites, the first in the Palace of Vargas in Casa de Campo (the large park on the West side of the city), where it remained […]

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La Casa de la Panadería, Plaza Mayor de Madrid

Mutiny of the Cats (Motín de los Gatos)

On April 28th, 1699 , at seven o’clock , Madrid exploded with a great popular protest due to food shortages, specially the lack of bread . While the authorities were distributing bread, the legend reveals that a woman that was indignantly protesting to one of the inspectors, asking “How can she feed her six children […]

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Plaza Mayor al atardecer.

Legends of Madrid’s Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor, has a history dating back from 1494, and has been the centre of many anecdotes and legends, since it has been the location for the main market of town, as well as the place for public executions up to 1815. You can still see the “Casa de la Panadería” (Bakery House) , on […]

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San Miguel Market – Madrid

The San Miguel Market is located in the plaza of the same name, next to the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. It preserves the original interesting iron structure of the early twentieth century. This building has been closed for many years, and currently a group of private individuals came with the idea to open a very […]

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Plaza Salamanca y Las Meninas de Manolo Valdés

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca

Salamanca was founded in the pre-Ancient Rome period by the Vacceos, a Celtic tribe, as one of the forts to defend their territory near the Duero river. This recent picture, mixes eighteenth century Baroque style of the Plaza Mayor, with today’s modern art. In this picture, the monumental sculptures called The Meninas by Manolo Valdés, […]

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Chinchon is located in the southeast of Madrid Community, 44 kilometers (28 Miles) away from the capital city. The special geographical condition next to the Tajuña River, has promoted human settlement since ancient times. The town of Chinchón, in addition to the historical and artistic attractions, keep alive their traditions, and offers visitors with a […]

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Plaza Mayor Niños Jugando

Plaza Mayor

In this virtual tour, from Puerta del Sol, we continue towards calle Mayor and about 250 meters, to the left hand side, we have the astounding Plaza Mayor. We enter through one of the nine arched gates of the square, and on any day, we can find lots of activities that characterizes it. For example, […]

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Puerta calle Gerona, La Plaza Mayor

Origins of Plaza Mayor

The origins of Plaza Mayor, date back to the sixteenth century, when from the outer part to the southern part of the plaza, was considered just outside the medieval village. This site was known as “Plaza del Arrabal”, and it was the main market of the town. In 1580, having moved the court to Madrid […]

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Puerta Arco de Plaza Mayor Madrid

Toledo Arch Entrance To Plaza Mayor

The Arc of Toledo, also called arch of Cofreros, is where the Toledo street begins. It was called “Arco de Cofreros”, because under the old regime, it was here where they sold the handicrafts produced by the Madrid guild of Cofreros. The Arch of Toledo, is one of the nine arched gateways that give access […]

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Arco de Cuchilleros - Plaza Mayor de Madrid

Cuchilleros Arch – Plaza Mayor

The Arco de Cuchilleros, that could be translated as the Cutlers Arch, is the most famous of the nine arched porticos of the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. It is located in the southwest corner of the square, with its considerable height due to the large gap in the ground level between the Plaza Mayor, and […]

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