La Gran Via – Plaza España

As a starting point for this walking tour, we can begin from Callao, where you can see this view of the Gran Via, towards the North, on the route to Plaza España, 200 meters from this point. In this part of Gran Via, we have what is now called “Madrid Broadway”, where most of the […]

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Traditional Market

Walking down from Callao, to Plaza España, a few meters to the right of Gran Via, you may find a traditional market called Los Mostenses. In your walking tour, you could give it a quick look, or continue on to Plaza España.

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Callao Plaza- Gran Vía

This photo was taken from Callao and showing the Grand Via, where we start this walking tour, that will take us to La Cibeles, where we will take a right on Paseo del Prado, walking to Plaza Neptuno. Here we take another right and leave to the left the Hotel Palace, to the right the […]

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La Gran Via

Gran Via can be divided into three sections, of which this virtual walking tour of Madrid, can start in the Plaza Callao, where we will walk eastward to the Red de San Luis, where the picture above of the Metro station, was taken. This is the second section of the Gran Via, which goes from […]

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Callao Plaza

After walking around 300 meters between Puerta del Sol and Plaza Callao, we find that most of this part of central Madrid is pedestrianized. Callao is the name given by the famous battle that took place in 1866, between Spain and Peru in El Callao, Peru. Until early 2010, the Plaza de Callao had a […]

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Plaza del Callao

From Plaza Santo Domingo, we walk either along calle Jacometrezo or better, Preciados street, about 70-80 meters and we’re on the Plaza Callao. Plaza de Callao is some kind of a hub to organize our walking tours of the center of Madrid. This square was built before the great reform that led to the construction […]

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