Statue of Mariblanca in Puerta del Sol

Statue of Mariblanca in Puerta del Sol

The sculpture La Mariblanca is a copy of the original, located on the top of a column at the confluence of where  Arenal street meet with Puerta del Sol.

La Mariblanca, has an unknown origin, nevertheless it is known that it was purchased in 1625, to decorate the now missing Fountain of Faith (Fuente de la Fé), which was also in the Puerta del Sol, a few yards to the east of the present site, at the entrance of  Carmen Street.

There is no consensus among researchers, if this sculpture represent Diana, Venus, or an image portraying the Faith. It seems that the name comes from a popular expression that refers to the whiteness of the marble used.

This statue has undergone a many placement changes in different parts of the city.  Its first location was in Puerta del Sol.  Later, became part of another fountain in the Plaza de las Descalzas, and later it was stored in a warehouse of Madrid, until 1912, when it was moved to the Retiro Park Gardens.

In 1969, La Mariblanca, was again changed of its location, to the Paseo de Recoletos, within a small temple, where it remained until 1984.  Here it was victim of vandalism, and broken into several pieces.

Once restored, the Madrid City Council decided to keep the original statue at the Museum of History of Madrid, where it is today.

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