Stroll through Madrid on foot, accompanied by our guide, through the old part of town. On this tour, we visit the “Madrid de los Austrias” (Habsburgs), to the important Plaza Mayor, crossing the Arc of Cutlers, which is one of the nine ports of the Plaza, towards the ancient winding streets around.
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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 2:30 Hours
Child: 4 to 7 Yrs - Senior: +65 - Youth: 8 to 17: 15
Location: Madrid City Tours, Walking Tour

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From Plaza Mayor, we will go to nearby Plaza de la Villa, which was the core of medieval Madrid. Here is where the oldest buildings of Madrid, are found.

Such buildings as the Casa de Cisneros, and Lujanes House, with its tower where French King François I, was held prisoner, for a while.

Also in this square is the Casa de la Villa, which was the City Hall of Madrid until 2007.

From Plaza de la Villa, we will continue our walk, heading to Bailen street, where we can see the exterior of the Almudena Cathedral, with its neoclassical architecture.

On this walking route, we will see a most of the exterior of the Royal Palace, the South, and the East side to finish our walk in the Plaza de Oriente, with the statues of the old Kings, and where the Royal Palace, and the Royal Theatre, also called the Opera, stand.

Hours and Rates:

Daily all year

Departures: Morning 9:00am and 6:00pm (Minimum 2 participants)

Duration: Approx. 2:30 hours

We recommend comfortable shoes

Adult Price: 35.00 EUR

Child Price: 25.00 EUR

Cancellation fees.

Reservation required.

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