Skyline Of Madrid – Buildings in AZCA Complex

Skyline Of Madrid – Buildings in AZCA Complex

AZCA is the financial district in downtown Madrid. The building complex, makes a  rectangle shape, between Raimundo Fernández Villaverde St., Orense St., General Perón St., and the Paseo de la Castellana Avenue.

In the photo above, you can see the “Skyline” of most of the skyscrapers North of Madrid.  In the photo, you can see AZCA to the left, and CTBA in the center of the picture, next to Botero’s Sculpture.

Complejo AZCA foto tomada desde los Nuevos Ministerios
Complejo AZCA foto tomada desde los Nuevos Ministerios hacia el Norte

Originally in 1946, the “General Urban Plan of Madrid” was created, in order to construct a series of buildings in an area, north of the city, that would house large office buildings, that will also have good connections by metro, bus and rail.

Near this large complex of buildings, Nuevos Ministerios (New Government  Buildings) were built. The photo above was taken from the esplanade, right in front of  Nuevos Ministerios.

To the left is part of the building of the Nuevos Ministerios. What stands out at the top of it, is the new building, where once stood the Windsor Building, which had a major fire just before midnight, Saturday February 12, 2005.

Entrada a la Torre Picasso y otros edificios de AZCA
Vista desde la Torre Picasso, a edificios hacia el Sur AZCA

AZCA Complex, began in the 1970’s, and as will be seen in the photos, today contains some of the tallest and most modern skyscrapers of the City of Madrid, which are:

  • Torre Picasso (157 m)
  • Torre Europa (121 m)
  • Banco de Bilbao (107 m)
  • Torre Mahou (100 m)
  • Torre Titania (106 m)
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