Segovia Bridge, The Oldest in Madrid

Segovia Bridge, The Oldest in Madrid

The construction of Puente de Segovia, was ordered by King Phillip II to his favorite architect Juan de Herrera, between 1582 and 1584, who followed the classical solution used in the Roman bridges.

The Bridge over the Manzanares River, is made out of granite with 9 arched padded spans, and on the parapet of the bridge, the great architect placed granite spheres, giving it Herrera’s Spanish Renaissance style characteristic.

Some poets of the time, recounted that it was “too much of a bridge, for such a little river”, referring to the low flow of the Manzanares.

Río Manzanares desde el Puente de Segovia
Río Manzanares desde el Puente de Segovia, vista al Sur.

During the Civil War, this bridge was partially destroyed, and in 1960, they had to widen it, going from 8.65 to 31.00 meters wide, due to the increase in traffic. They did this, lengthwise and displacing one of the sides.

Segovia Bridge, is considered of cultural interest in the Monument category since 1996, and it is the oldest preserved bridge in the capital.

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