Royal Palace – Royal Guard on October 12.

Royal Palace – Royal Guard on October 12.

In such a special day as the October 12, Columbus Day and the discovery of America, it is an ideal time to visit the Royal Palace in Madrid.

Besides the traditional military parade that day, that goes from the Glorieta de Atocha, to the Plaza Colon, the Kings of Spain, also open the doors of the Royal Palace to invite other personalities, such as politicians, journalists, actors and artists.

Mounted Royal Guard on 12 October Celebration
Royal Guard on 12 October Celebration

In the afternoon that day, starting in the Courtyard of the Palace, there is a brilliant military act, as you can see in the photographs.

"Alabarderos" Royal Guard
“Alabarderos” Royal Guard

Similar to this military parade, there are other military marches throughout the year, once a month, to keep the tradition of what once was done on a daily basis, in times of kings Alfonso XII, and Alfonso XIII.

This monthly military parades last approximately 50 minutes. They are done on the first Wednesday of every month at 12 o’clock noon, except for the months of January, August and September, and when the official acts agenda allow it.

Mounted Royal Guards
Mounted Royal Guards
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