Railway Museum – Steam Locomotive 141-F-2416, and Mikado Typology

Railway Museum – Steam Locomotive 141-F-2416, and Mikado Typology

Locomotora de vapor 141-F-2416. Rodaje tipo Mikado

(Talleres Euskalduna, España, 1960)

These train engines correspond to a batch of 217 produced entirely in Spain. They are of the type called Mikado, because of the construction and disposition of the axes, in a 1-4-1 way, a guidance front axle, 4 motor and traction, and a final axel as support.

Steam locomotive wheels 141-F-2416
Steam locomotive Mikado wheels 141-F-2416

This locomotive was built in 1960, and served in RENFE for fifteen years, until 1975, when the steam was officially stopped in Spain.

Steam Locomotive 141-F-2416. Type Mikado
Steam Locomotive 141-F-2416. Type Mikado

However, this steam engine, remained active until 1984 as transport for the mines in Andorra (Teruel). In that same year became part of the Museum’s collection.

Currently, this model, serves an important educational work, which aims to visually explain both the inner and the operation of a steam locomotive.

Control cabin of steam locomotive 141 F - 2416
Control cabin of steam locomotive 141 F – 2416


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