Railway Museum – 6101 Electric Locomotive

Railway Museum – 6101 Electric Locomotive

6101 Electric Locomotive
(Westinghouse and Baldwin, United States, 1924)

In the early days of electric traction at Pajares Ramp in Asturias, Spain, this locomotive (as well as the 6005) made ​​the journey through this difficult mountain pass, on the way  to Busdongo Station in León.  From Busdongo, a change was made to a steam locomotive Mikado, so the service could continue through the rest of the non-electrified line.

This train engine, shows the typical American aesthetic, especially with the quantity of rivets used in its design.

These engines served throughout the fifties for this electrical line section, later being replaced by more powerful machines, of the 7700 Series. Thereafter, this locomotive was used in new electrified sections in Santander, and Catalonia. In the seventies this one, became part of the collection of the Railroad Museum.

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