Railway Museum – 4020 Diesel Locomotive

Railway Museum – 4020 Diesel Locomotive

4020 Diesel Locomotive

Krauss Maffei and Babcock & Wilcox, Germany – Spain, 1966

The 4020 is a Diesel locomotive of great power, that derives from the V-200 series of the German railways. These locomotives were the only diesel with hydromechanical transmission Mekydro that circulated in Spain. When RENFE incorporated them into their engine park, these were amongst the most powerful in the world (3,030 hp), at a time when the the diesel locomotives had maximum outputs ranging between 1,600 and 2,500 hp.

They were also the fastest RENFE, including electric locomotives. The 4020, could develop a speed of 130 km/hour (80 MPH).

The series was comprised of 32 units which began service in 1966, originally giving traction for fast trains on the line from Madrid to Barcelona, and hauling trains for the new Madrid-Burgos, that was inaugurated in 1968. They also performed other services for which they were designed. This caused problems in the hydromechanical transmission system, which caused them, to be taken out of service at an earlier stage and in 1987, year when this vehicle became part of the funds to the Railway Museum.

(Text taken from the data sheet Madrid Railway Museum.)

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