Plaza de Oriente – Statues Of Spanish Kings

Plaza de Oriente – Statues Of Spanish Kings

Plaza de Oriente (Orient Square), is located in the historic centre of Madrid.

It is a rectangular monumental square with a curved head, whose definitive layout responds to a design by Narciso Pascual y Colomer in 1844.

It had several previous projects, and one of its main promoters was King Joseph I, who ordered the demolition of the medieval houses located on this site.

Statues of the Spanish kings

The square has a sculptural collection of twenty Spanish kings, corresponding to five Visigoths and fifteen monarchs of the first Christian kingdoms of the Reconquest. These statues, are made of limestone, are distributed in two rows, which cross the site in an east-west direction, on both sides of the central gardens.  These are known as the Gothic kings.

These statues are part of a series dedicated to all the monarchs of Spain.  They were ordered and carried out between 1750-1753, for the decoration of the Royal Palace of Madrid during the reign of Ferdinand VI.

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