Other Landmark Buildings of Plaza de la Villa

Other Landmark Buildings of Plaza de la Villa

On the photo of the Plaza de la Villa, above, there are the 3 main buildings: The Tower and House of Lujanes, to the left, Casa de Cisneros, located in the southern part of the enclosure, and the Casa de la Villa, on the right.

The Tower and Lujanes House, are the two oldest civilian buildings in Madrid. They date from the late fifteenth, and early sixteenth centuries.

According to legend, in this building, King Francis I of France was imprisoned, after being defeated by King Charles I, at the Battle of Pavia. To make bigger the humiliation, King Francis I, was ushered to enter the building, into one of the side doors, so that he had to bend down, to enter. The reality was that Francis I, was a special prisoner, and enjoyed considerable freedom. As a matter of fact, it was proven is that the French king dwelt in the Alcazar of Madrid.

At present, Lujanes House and Tower, hold the Royal Academy of Political and Moral Sciences.

The other building in the background of the picture, there is the Casa de Cisneros, a palace built in 1537 of “plateresco style”, which gets its name because of Cardinal Cisneros.

This palace was a prison to Antonio Perez (1540-1611), secretary of King Philip II.

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