Mutiny of the Cats (Motín de los Gatos)

Mutiny of the Cats (Motín de los Gatos)

On April 28th, 1699 , at seven o’clock , Madrid exploded with a great popular protest due to food shortages, specially the lack of bread .

While the authorities were distributing bread, the legend reveals that a woman that was indignantly protesting to one of the inspectors, asking “How can she feed her six children out of a single loaf of bread?

The inspector responded with an obscenity , ” No more bread … you go and castrate your husband!” The woman responded with anger and the citizens began joining, to reach some 10,000 people rioting in Plaza Mayor. At that time, that was a very large crowd.

At the end, King Charles II , had to intervene to resolve the conflict and dismissed the “Corregidor of Madrid”, Francisco de Vargas.

The next Mayor of Madrid, was Francisco Ronquillo , leading figure of the Borbon party, who excelled in the negotiations.

Charles II was the last of the Habsburg lineage . He died the following year, in 1700, where the first Borbón, Felipe, was crowned as Felipe V.

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