Seven Stars and Crimson Red Flag Madrid

Seven Stars and Crimson Red Flag Madrid

The crimson red flag as the banner of Castile, and that Madrid was part of the kingdom until 1833. The flag consists of seven white five-pointed stars and adopts it officially on December 23, 1983.

There are different versions of why the seven stars. Some say that it represents the constellation Ursa Minor, while other say it is because of the seven cemeteries or burial grounds that have existed in the city of Madrid.

Bandera de Madrid hasta el año 1983

Madrid’s Flag until 1983

The five-pointed stars, representing the five neighboring provinces to the city of Madrid, which are: Avila, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Segovia and Toledo.

The old flag of Madrid until 1983 was green with the coat of Madrid in the center, but this flag has been forgotten.

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