Lions Of Congress of Deputies

Lions Of Congress of Deputies

The building of the Congress of Deputies, is guarded by two lions, of which are mentioned in an anecdote, when in late 1985 were taken down from their pedestals for them to be restored. Therefore, temporarily they were placed inside the building.

Parliamentarians were surprised to see that one of them had missing its male attributes, which gave reason for speculation about the sex of the lions of the Congress.

Leones del Congreso - Este de la fachada.

Lions of Congress – East facade.

These lions are known as Daoiz and Velarde, taken from the two heroes of May 2nd, 1808, but really from the beginning represent the hero Hippomenes and heroine Atalanta of Greek mythology.

However, as a veterinarian deputy rightly mentioned, the lion which is at the West of the Palace of Congress, can be neither a lion, lioness or neutered lion, because in the case of the last one, it would lose its hair.

Leones del Congreso - Oeste de la fachada.

Lions of Congress – West facade.

In the end, it was concluded that the sculptor Ponciano Ponzano, must have runned out of material cast bronze of the cannons that had been captured to the Moors, by the troops of O’Donnell and Prim, in 1860.


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