The Hill of the Blind, today is a steep stairway that goes from Calle de Segovia, up to the viewpoint of Las Vistillas. It hides a beautiful legend that goes back to the thirteenth-century, and is characterized by Saint Francis of Assisi.

The Legend has it that St. Francis, while heading for the Camino de Santiago (Rout of Santiago de Compostela), passed through Madrid, back in 1214.

He liked very much the landscape of this hill, and built a humble cottage in the place where today we have the church of San Francisco el Grande.

Cuesta de los Ciegos Escalera Actual
Cuesta de los Ciegos Escalera Actual

One day, he went to deliver some fish to the prior of the Convent of San Martin, and in return, the prior gave him an amphora with olive oil.

On his way back to his house, he used this hill, where two blind beggars, asked for alms. St. Francis, dipped his fingers with the oil, and rubbed the eyes of the blind, which miraculously recovered sight.

This slope is also known as the Cuesta de Arrastraculos (Butt Dragging Hill), because before this stairway was built, it was quite a risk for pedestrians. Also it is said that children used this hill to slide down the slope.