Legend of the House of Seven Chimneys

Legend of the House of Seven Chimneys

There is a well known legend by the residents of Madrid, which tells about a medieval mystery from the court of King Philip II, of beautiful young Elena, that according to rumors, received nightly visits from a person related to the court.

Soon, Elena was married to a captain of the royal troops called Zapata, very loyal to the monarch. He was sent to fight in Flanders, to participate in the Battle of San Quentin, where he died.

She was very saddened and soon after, was found dead in her bedroom in this house.

Casa de las Siete Chimeneas

House of Seven Chimneys

Elena’s body disappeared, which began to feed rumors she had been killed. Elena also had been rumored lover, nothing less than the ruler King Philip II.

Another story, was that Elena decided to marry an old man in order to make the king jealous, and invited him to the wedding. She believed that the king would do anything to stop the marriage. The king not only accepted, but wanted to be best man, which made Elena loose her mind, and she killed herself.

From the moment of her disappearance, many witnesses began to see apparitions of a beautiful lady dressed in white wandering through the roof of the House of Seven Chimneys.

Over time, the apparitions stopped to occur, and it was not until the late nineteenth century, during restoration work of the building, that the case of Elena, regains importance since in the basement of this building, the remains of a woman with a handful of gold coins, was found and curiously these coins were from the time of Philip II.

This house, which today is the seat of the Ministry of Culture, is still one of the most famous haunted houses in Madrid, and some locals say strange phenomena still exist, and some continue to see visions of the beautiful lady in white.

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