La Almudena Cathedral – Night Photo

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La Almudena Cathedral – Night Photo

La Almudena Cathedral, is the Bishop’s seat of the Archdiocese of Madrid (Spain).

It is a temple with 102 meters long and 73 high construction, built during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in a mixture of different styles: neoclassical exterior, neo-Gothic interior and neo-Romanesque crypt.

It is located in the historic city center of Madrid, with its main front facade situated opposite to the Armoury Square of the Royal Palace.

Unlike most Christian churches, that are oriented east-west, La Almudena Cathedral has a north-south orientation. This is due to its design as an integrated part of the Royal Palace complex.

It is built in stone from Novelda (Alicante), and from the granite quarries of Colmenar Viejo (Madrid province).

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