Green Cross Square, and the Inquisition

Green Cross Square, and the Inquisition

In the Habsburgs area of medieval Madrid, we find the Plaza de la Cruz Verde (Green Cross Square), surrounded by stairs, and by the unevenness of Segovia St., which runs from the Plaza Puerta Cerrada, near the Plaza Mayor, to the Manzanares River.

This square is located in a widening of Segovia St., near the Segovia Viaduct.

It is a very quiet place today, however, for centuries, it had a story full of pain and suffering, as its name implies, in this place where today we see the Fountain of Diana the Huntress, there was a wooden cross painted in green.

This green crosses marked the places were executions of the Spanish Inquisition, took place.

Fuente de Diana Cazadora

Instead, in 1850 they opened in this square, as an initiative of the City of Madrid, this source to supply potable water to their neighbors.

This area of Madrid, today is highly recommended to have a very friendly atmosphere in the Old Madrid, with many terraces for a drink and admire these streets.

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