From Madrid to Heaven! (De Madrid al Cielo)

From Madrid to Heaven! (De Madrid al Cielo)

It is widely used proverb to refer to Madrid, as a lively and charming city, where you can have a great time.

The complete expression says: “From Madrid to Heaven, and once there, a hole to glimpse at it”.

It is not known exactly where the saying came from, but we have found some versions say it was a common expression on the late eighteenth century, when the locals were proud of the improvements in the Villa made by King Carlos III.

Another meaning given to the expression, refer to the time when in Madrid there was no running water or sewage, so it was a rather unpleasant experience to walk through its streets.

The only thing worth looking in Madrid was the Sky and because of that, came the expression was “From Madrid, the sky”.

The perhaps best known version is the one mentioning “Cerro Garabitas”, a small hill in nearby park Casa de Campo.

Madrid Cerro Garabitas, Casa de Campo
Madrid Cerro Garabitas, Casa de Campo

During the Civil War, it is said that this area of Madrid, was the scenery of many tough battles, where many people died.

They also say that the spot of the Cerro Garabitas, for some time, had a reputation of magic high concentration of positive and negative energies.

The urban legends coming from the nineteenth century, claim that this is the last place that souls visit before leaving to “the other world”.

Legends aside, the sky Madrid has a very special color and when it is a little cloudy like in fall, it is spectacular!

Atardecer de Otoño en Madrid
Autum sunset in Madrid
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