Fountain of the Fallen Angel, Retiro Park

Fountain of the Fallen Angel, Retiro Park

This is one of the few statues in the world, of the “angel falling”, name that some residents of Madrid, prefer to name, as not wanting to give a tribute with a sculpture to the angel expelled from Paradise, as in the Bible. They say, “How would I honor the devil?”.

The main sculpture of his fallen angel, was a work first made in plaster in 1877, by Ricardo Bellver.

It was inspired by verses of John Milton’s The Lost Paradise, and the pedestal is work of the architect Francisco Jareño.

Fuente del Angel Caído - El Retiro

Fountain of the Fallen Angel – Retiro Park

It was decided to exhibit this work in Paris at the Universal Exhibition of 1878, so it had to be melted in bronze, because at this exhibition, only marble and bronze sculptures were admitted.

On the pedestal, there are 8 bronze inlays representing devils holding lizards, snakes and dolphins.

Base Fuente del Ángel Caído.

Base of the Fountain of the Fallen Angel.

An interesting fact is that this statue is exactly 666 meters above sea level.

It is believed that this is the only sculpture exhibited of the Fallen Angel, but this is not true, since there are sculptures of this same subject in Turin, Italy, in Quito, Ecuador and in the Rockefeller Center in New York.

There is also another sculpture not very easy to see, since it is on the terrace of a building located on the corner of calle Mayor, with calle Milaneses in Madrid, as shown on the picture below.

Accidente Aéreo - Mito de Ícaro

Air crash – Myth of Icarus

According to its author, Miguel Angel Ruiz, who calls his sculpture “plane crash” (2005), and explains a curious story of a winged man 10,000 years ago, going out for a tour, to take the sun belly up, and falling in an accident, but in reality it is believed that it represents the Greek legend of “the Fall of Icarus”.

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