Equestrian Statue of General Baldomero Espartero

Equestrian Statue of General Baldomero Espartero

The full name of this general from La Mancha, was Joaquín Fernández-Espartero Baldomero Alvarez de Toro (1793-1879).  He was Prince of Vergara, Count of Luchana and Duke de la Victoria, specially due to his achievements on the battlefields during the First Carlist War.

Baldomero Espartero. "Vida militar y polí...
Baldomero Espartero. “Vida militar y política de Espartero”. Por una Sociedad de ExMilicianos de Madrid 1844 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The equestrian statue of General Baldomero Espartero, is a sculpture by the painter and sculptor Pablo Gibert Roig, is located at the intersection of the Alcala and O’Donnell streets, next to the Retiro Park.

Estatua ecuestre y la calle Alcalá al fondo
General Espartero Statue on Alcalá street

Cast in bronze at the Barcelona workshops of José Comas Blanch, rests on a pedestal of granite and limestone, which has an inscription in bronze, with the following:


It is unknown the reason why the sculptor Paul Gibert, gave Espartero’s horse,  exaggerated genital attributes, and therefore the popular saying that refers to this monument when it comes to “courage”, saying: “You have more balls than Espartero’s horse.”

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