Debod Temple in Madrid

Debod Temple in Madrid

The Debod Temple is an ancient Egyptian construction that was originally in a small locality next to the Nile River with the name of Debod. Currently was moved, stone by stone, and located in Madrid.

Debod Temple was a gift from Egypt to Spain in 1968, in return for Spanish assistance, following the international call made by UNESCO to save the temples of Nubia, Abu Simbel primarily, endangered because the construction of the Aswan Dam.

Egypt donated four of the temples saved, to different partner nations that helped them: to the United States,  Dendur (currently in the Metropolitan Museum of New York),  Ellesiya to Italy, Taffa to Holland, and  Debod to Spain.

Debod Temple is located west of Plaza España, and next to the Paseo del Pintor Rosales, on a small hill.

It has a history of about 2,200 years. Its oldest part was built under Pharaoh Ptolemy IV Philopator, and subsequently decorated by Nubian King  Adijalamani de Meroe between 200-180 B C.

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