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Plaza Mayor al atardecer.

Legends of Madrid’s Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor, has a history dating back from 1494, and has been the centre of many anecdotes and legends, since it has been the location for the main market of town, as well as the place for public executions up to 1815. You can still see the “Casa de la Panadería” (Bakery House) , on […]

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Plaza Puerta Cerrada, toma hacia el Oeste

Plaza Puerta Cerrada (Closed Door Square).

In the heart of the historic center of Madrid, we have Plaza Puerta Cerrada (Closed Door Square), which takes its name from one of the gates of the former Christian wall, located here during the Middle Ages. The entrance to Madrid through this gate, taking the traveler to the Plaza de Arrabal (now the well-known […]

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Cruz de Puerta Cerrada Madrid

Cross at the Plaza de Puerta Cerrada, Madrid Historical Center

During the Middle Ages, Madrid had crosses on many of its streets, especially in Calle Calvario, where the Via Crucis passed, starting from San Francisco el Grande church. These crosses were used as milestones that were placed at entrances to cities and towns, as well as ancient road intersections. Between 1805 and 1808, the Mayor […]

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Las dos puertas de la Casa de la Villa

Two doors of the Casa de la Villa, in Madrid

This building of the old town hall in Madrid, in the Plaza de la Villa has two doors, as seen in the photo above. The reason was that the Casa de la Villa, was built to serve two functions. As the seat of the municipal offices, door at the left, and prison of the Madrid […]

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Casa y Torre de los Lujanes y Casa de Cisneros

Other Landmark Buildings of Plaza de la Villa

On the photo of the Plaza de la Villa, above, there are the 3 main buildings: The Tower and House of Lujanes, to the left, Casa de Cisneros, located in the southern part of the enclosure, and the Casa de la Villa, on the right. The Tower and Lujanes House, are the two oldest civilian […]

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