House and Tower of the Lujanes in the Plaza de la Villa

House and Tower of the Lujanes in the Plaza de la Villa

The Lujanes house in the Plaza de la Villa, was the residence of one of the most ancient lineages of Madrid, although in reality the Luján family came from Aragon.

They settled in this place, at that time, in the early fifteenth century, when it was called Plaza de San Salvador. This square was considered the center of the city, and where the City Council sessions were held.

The tower over the house of the Lujanes, was built years later, dating from the late fifteenth, and early sixteenth century.

According to the legend, King Francis I of France, was held prisoner here, after being defeated by Charles I, in the battle of Pavia.

Casa de los Lujanes, en Plaza de la Villa

Lujanes House, in Plaza de la Villa

This legend, was not generally accepted, but many people of that time, and a few years later, relate, as in the case of Lope de Vega in a letter when he wrote: “I was born in Madrid, with a wall in between, where Carlos V, put the pride of France between two walls.” Lope de Vega was born in a house on calle Mayor, next to the square of San Salvador.

Placa de la Casa de los Lujanes
Plate outside the Lujanes House.

The explanation that King Francis I, was not imprisoned in the Alcazar, was because at that time, the Alcazar was not a palace, but it was a military building, which was not prepared for detaining a king. For this reason, it was decided to temporarily accommodate him, in one of the houses of the city.


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