Leaving the San Miguel Market, down Calle Mayor, towards Bailen Street, where La Almudena Cathedral is located, before to the left we find the Plaza de la Villa, Madrid’s medieval center.

On the photo above, we see the Casa de la Villa, which from 1693 to 2007 was the main building of the “Ayuntamiento” or Town Hall.

It is still the home of the Municipal Council of the City of Madrid, although from November 5, 2007, the Mayor, moved to the Cibeles Palace of Communications.

Casa de la Villa - The Old Town Hall
Casa de la Villa – The Old Town Hall

In the outline of the square, there are also two other buildings of great historical and artistic value, the House and Tower of Lujanes from the fifteenth century, and the Casa de Cisneros, from the sixteenth century.

During the Middle Ages, the Plaza de la Villa was the most important center of the Villa of Madrid.

In front of the square, there was a church that had the name of San Salvador, so this square had also this name, Plaza San Salvador.

The statue in the middle of the Plaza de la Villa, which is pictured above, is a monument to the marine Alvaro de Bazan.