Brief On Madrid Surroundings

Brief On Madrid Surroundings

This section covers the cities and sites around Madrid, that can be reached in an hour or two, and a radius of about 100 km. Some nearby cities like Toledo, was in the past, more important than Madrid itself, because it preceded Madrid as the capital of the Kingdom.

These towns and cities, near Madrid, have a historical, architectural and artistic perspective, that has been recognized by UNESCO declaring them as World Heritage sites, as is the case of Toledo, El Escorial and Aranjuez.

Toledo was immortalized by El Greco, who lived and worked there for most of his later career, the city is a living museum of the many cultures, with Christians, Visigoths, Moors and Jews, that have shaped the destiny of Spain.

Segovia with its impressive Roman aqueduct and the overwhelming fortress or castle (The Alcázar), is another very important city to visit. The huge palace-mausoleum of El Escorial that it is usually visited together with the nearby, and majestic Cross and Basilica of the Valley of the Fallen.

There are other smaller cities and sites, which are less known to foreign tourists, like Aranjuez, the luxury baroque palace surrounded by gardens and forests. The beautiful walled city of Avila, birthplace of Santa Teresa.

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