TAF Automotive 9522
(Fiat, Italy, 1952)

The TAF 9522, was an Italian designed automotive train, which became operational in 1952 with the aim of modernizing the most important RENFE daytime fast long-distance lines. Its introduction was aimed to replace old vehicles on some of these routes.

These trains could run on all lines because of their light weight per axle. They, consisted of three cars. Two were engines, located at the ends, which also had the luggage van, and a trailer in the centre, with a bar. It was equipped with an air conditioning system, giving it great comfort for those times.

TAF 9522 Railway Museum Madrid
TAF 9522 Railway Museum Madrid

In the 1960s these trains began to decline in importance due to the entry into service of the modern TER, and the revolutionary Talgo III. Furthermore, in 1971, the electric train lines began to circulate, leaving the TAF 9522, for regional, low traffic service lines.

In the early 1980s these trains were discharged from use at RENFE, and were included in the Madrid Railway Museum.