Toledo Arch Entrance To Plaza Mayor

Toledo Arch Entrance To Plaza Mayor

The Arc of Toledo, also called arch of Cofreros, is where the Toledo street begins. It was called “Arco de Cofreros”, because under the old regime, it was here where they sold the handicrafts produced by the Madrid guild of Cofreros.

The Arch of Toledo, is one of the nine arched gateways that give access to the Plaza Mayor.

This gate, leads to the Calle de Toledo at its starting point. On the picture, on the background you will see the Parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel. A little further in the direction of this photograph, is Cascorro Square, where the El Rastro flea market is set up on Sundays and holidays.

This was a main way for the transportation of the goods sold in the main market of Madrid, which once was the Plaza Mayor.

From here, we can walk a few meters to the Arc of Cutlers (Arco de Cuchilleros), and down the stairs that are inside the arched gate, in one corners of the Plaza Mayor.

Plaza Mayor Surroundings

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