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Las Dueñas Convent in Salamanca

The Convent of Santa Maria de las Dueñas in Salamanca, was founded in 1419 to house the nuns of the Dominican Order. The original building, was donated by Doña Juana Rodriguez Maldonado, with the intention of creating a place of worship for the noble ladies.  This gave the convent, the nickname of Las Dueñas (The […]

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Iglesia y Convento de San Esteban en Salamanca

San Esteban Convent, Salamanca

As you wander the streets of Salamanca, you will stumble across many churches, convents, and university buildings. The Dominican Convent of St. Stephen, is of particular interest, and one of the city’s most impressive historical attraction. The Dominican friars, settled in Salamanca between 1255 and 1256. In this current site occupied by the Iglesia de […]

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Plaza Salamanca y Las Meninas de Manolo Valdés

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca

Salamanca was founded in the pre-Ancient Rome period by the Vacceos, a Celtic tribe, as one of the forts to defend their territory near the Duero river. This recent picture, mixes eighteenth century Baroque style of the Plaza Mayor, with today’s modern art. In this picture, the monumental sculptures called The Meninas by Manolo Valdés, […]

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Catedral de Salamanca

Salamanca New and Old Cathedrals

In the image above, detail of two cathedrals are shown. The Romanesque style of the old cathedral is shown in the Torre del Gallo, and to the right, the dome of the New Cathedral. On this photo, you can see the Cathedral taken from what remains of the Wall, that once surrounded the city of […]

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